Connect & Teach


Create interactive lesson-pages.

Use text, graphics, audio and video. 

Communicate your ideas and information.

THE solution for distance/online teaching.

Complements regular classroom/studio teaching.

Create and deliver lesson-content online.

Teach Any Subject

Works perfectly alongside your favourite video-calling software.


Enjoy learning from multimedia lesson content.

Benefit from custom, flexible course-material, provided by YOUR teacher, for YOU.

Easily reference and comment on lesson notes. 

Accessible on any internet-enabled device.

Never lose or forget your notes again!

A Day to Play


Explore the system before signing up for more

3 Months

€15 per month


6 Months

€12 per month


1 Year

€10 per month


“I have started using the connectandteach website this week and it has been such a powerful addition to my lessons.  The pupils have found it very easy to access all the backing tracks, scores and preparation videos, and all my students, aged from 8 to 79 had no problem understanding and using this technology.  Many people simply used their phones to view the website.  It is such an asset that they can practice whenever and wherever they want.”

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