“This is the platform we have all been waiting for. A user-friendly interface to upload tutorial videos, sound files, backing tracks, music scores, written information and links to any other online resources including Youtube. This is the perfect supplement to home tuition as the student can prepare and warm up before a live video lesson, have backing tracks to play along to and music to read from. There is a comments box to share thoughts. All the lesson plans you prepare can be reproduced and amended at the click of a button. Highly recommended.”
Jennie Cassidy – singing teacher, UK

Thank you so much for this platform.
as a beginner, it’s helpful for my practicing, especially the sound files. they help me to get going with rehearsing. i’m excited to learn this new instrument and the tips and tricks that i find here are motivating. onward and upward! thank you so much for your support.

“I have started using the connectandteach website this week and it has been such a powerful addition to my lessons.  The pupils have found it very easy to access all the backing tracks, scores and preparation videos, and all my students, aged from 8 to 79 had no problem understanding and using this technology.  Many people simply used their phones to view the website.  It is such an asset that they can practice whenever and wherever they want.”

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