Our Story

Connect and Teach was founded in 2020 by Adam Woolf, a leading educator at several internationally renowned institutions. Alongside conventional one-to-one and group teaching, Adam has over 10 years’ experience delivering ‘live’ online tuition to a wide variety of students.  As such, Adam realises the importance of being able to provide consistent, well-presented material  and the benefits of efficient communication.

Having embraced video-calling and explored other technologies available to assist lesson scheduling, providing fixed online courses, and tecaher-student communication, Adam realised the need for something which would assist teachers in delivering bespoke course material, just as they might do in a classroom/studio situation. 

Our Aim

Connect & Teach gives teachers a flexible, accessible way to deliver lesson content which can be customised to their class or student.  Teachers can build interactive lesson pages using a combination of content from their own Media Library and external resources. This makes Connect & Teach a perfect way to share content when remote teaching, as well as alongside regular contact lessons. 

Adam Woolf

Creative professional, Adam Woolf  worked at the very top of the classical music business for over 20 years as a performing and recording artist, during which time he also honed various skills in design and technology, allowing him to complement and develop his artistic projects. He lives in Donostia, and works across several countries and having published books in his specialist area of music is in demand worldwide as a teacher, while holding teaching positions at leading institutions in London, Amsterdam and Brussels.  His unstoppable interest in fusing creative, administrative and technological skills led to the founding of arts and musical organisations, a record label, and most recently, a web design and development company.

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