Using C&T

Perfect for teaching online.

Ideal to complement regular classes.

A great way for you and your students to build online resources.

Video-Overview  – English Version

Video-Overview  – Versión en Español

Your Workflow

Lesson preparation typically involves the following steps:

  1. Create new page for student/lesson by duplicating/reusing template or from scratch.
  2. Edit where necessary with Elementor, creating or adapting content.
  3. Save.
  4. Set password.
  5. Send link to the page to your class/student.

Register online and you can login to your admin area on the C&T system, called ‘My Lessons’. Here you create your lesson plans, based on templates, or from scratch, using the powerful built-in Elementor page-layout application.  You can present content perfect for teaching any subject!

As you build your personal Media Gallery, you can reuse material from lesson to lesson, changing content as and when appropriate.  Buttons on the page can link to other online resources such as documents, websites and services.

Once your lesson sheet is ready, just set a password for your student to access it, and share the link with them.

Lesson notes can be made on the same page, allowing easy communication between students and teachers.

Adaptable to Any Subject


All lesson-pages can include:

  • Sliding content-carousel to include multiple ‘text-book’ style reference pages. (uploadable as JPG).
  • Embedded PDF reader.
  • Embedded audio and video content (linked to YouTube or your own, uploaded content).
  • Text instructions.
  • Links to other resources and complementary, online information.
  • Your logo and contact details.

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Upon payment, you will be registered on the C&T system and gain access to an admin area which includes information to help you get started using the system.

Please Contact Us to request your templates according to your needs.

Features and Versions

Developed by, the Connect and Teach system is available either as a subscription service here, or as an individual installation alongside or as part of your personal website. In this case, more features such as direct online booking and integrated Paypal buttons can be included, for the convenience of you and your students.  To enquire about an individual installation,  please email

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